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When you hear a name like Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier, you’ll instantly think of Japan, and when you think of a Japanese RPG your mind automatically drifts to corny dialogue, women in very revealing outfits, but a game with solid, fun gameplay. Endless Frontier hits the mark on two of these; which ones? Read on to find out!

Endless Frontier is co-developed by the same guys that made the fabulous Xenosaga series on the PlayStation (Banpresto, Monolith Soft); and the game is a spin off of the Super Robot Wars: Original Generation series. However unlike the Xenosaga series the amount of sexual tension in the game is close to unbearable; with the ERSB giving it “T For Teen” on account of partial nudity, and “suggestive themes”. Suggestive themes? Sounds like fun.

The story gets more and more confusing as you progress through the game, but unlike most JRPGs you aren’t on some mundane quest to save the world like every other goody two shoes protagonist out there. You play as Clint Eastwood lookalike; Gunslinger Haken Browning, a cowboy with no other goal then to make money, and to make it quick. You are not alone however, you are accompanied by a busty female android, Aschen Brodel. Soon enough you are forced into the main quest, which has something to do with portals and a crystal plague, the whole story is very confusing. Over the duration of the story you meet all kinds of wanna-be heroes trying to “save the world”, including a number of cat/robot/fox/wolf/animal girls with giant breasts. If you cant follow the story just look for the suggestive themes.

Could it be your Cowboy outfit in an obviously Sci-Fi game?

Could it be your Cowboy outfit in an obviously Sci-Fi themed game?

The game is straighter than an FPS. Other than the main quest you’ll find little else to do, you’d naturally expect an RPG to be filled with optional missions and side quests but these are missing almost completely from the game. Which is a darn shame as if there was more for me to do the game probably would of entertained me for longer than it did.

For most turn based RPG’s there is a huge emphasis on the combat. Seeing as it’s the one thing that will remain consistent throughout the game the battles have to have a certain few qualities; fun to play, easy to learn and contain enough variation to keep you interested for the course of the game. Endless Frontier scoffs at all of these. I like to think that I am well versed in the RPG genre, and attacking is basically mashing the same button again and again.

Each and every battle seems to last forever. There are countless pages on the lower screen to grab your attention during the battles, which do nothing but confuse you even more. Most RPG’s have moves that can utterly destroy a group of weak enemies in a single move, but these seem to be absent, and throughout the game you’ll find yourself constantly stringing together combos of regular attacks; as the skills do very little damage unless you are at an obscene level. While normal attacks are fun, you will grow tired of them within the first hour of playing, you wanna bust off huge combos and epic skills; but you cant.

Not to mention the insane amount of boss fights in the game. Sure you like a challenge every now and again but with with such an annoying battle system these just become more and more annoying. Especially since the number of boss enemies in any dungeon can range between 2 and 5. Most RPG boss battles have some sense of strategy to them, but all you need to know in Endless Frontier is how to stock up on items. Repeating this sequence will usually suffice: Attack, Attack, Attack, Attack, Heal; rinse and repeat.

*Mash* *Mash* *Mash* *Mash*

*Mash* *Mash* *Mash* *Mash*

Endless Frontier does deliver on the presentation though. Graphically its very pretty, the regular sprites looks fine and dandy and you could compare them to a Pokémon game. But the in game battles, while a tad dull, looks fantastic. Watching them attack is entertaining  and the animations are smooth as hell. Not to mention Haken’s coat is absolutely badass.  Throughout the game you’ll be greeted with stunning character sprites and most of them will include breasts. I’m not going to lie to you, the game is very bust orientated, some of the animé in battle sequences with leave your eyes like dinner plates. But graphically they look… nice.

Another upside to the game is the music. There are hard hitting battle tunes that will pump you up for some enemy juggling and button mashing, and there are some slow sonatas that will calm you through the dungeons and dialogue. Musically and visually the game is superb, a real treat for the eyes and the ears.

Unfortunately the gameplay brought it down for me. Endless Frontier is not what I expected, and although I haven’t played any of the other games in series I think I can safely assume that they play roughly the same. Personally I like my RPG’s to have the battles as their strongest point, not their weakest. Not to mention a story I can follow without having to take notes on it. If the other games are similar then fans of the series will probably love this game, although I can’t honestly be sure. However Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier just didn’t cut it for me, although the dialogue was witty enough to keep me playing through it, I would think twice before buying it.

Rating Category
8.0 Presentation
Great sprites and animation throughout the game. Not to mention the sly and witty dialogue, with many suggestive themes!
How does our scoring system work?
4.0 Gameplay
A battle system that I couldn't get my head around, and a story so straight you could measure it with a ruler.
7.0 Sound
Excellent tunes for battles and dialogue.
3.0 Longevity
No incentive to replay this, and the game story isn't the longest.
5.2 Overall
Super Robot Taisen OG Saga won't be many RPG gamer's cup of tea. RPGs tend to become classics with a strong battle system, and meaningful story; sadly, this doesn't deliver either.

  1. Pretty much called this one.

  2. Cowboy outfits and busty anime girls in a sci-fi universe. Hmm… sounds kind of awkward.

  3. avatar Artix

    This review is awful. Because you couldn’t get your head around the battle system, you butcher the gameplay score?
    Isn’t that a reflection of how DEEP it is? [Which, incidentally, it is]

    You call the story straightforward and obvious, yet mentioned that you had to writes notes to get it?

    And finally, get some facts straight. It’s obvious you never finished it – the game clocks in at around 20 hours, which is a LOT for a game nowadays. AND there’s a new game plus feature, which is as much of an incentive here as for every other RPG to replay through.
    And no, the rest of the series does not play like that – this is in fact a spin off to a SRPG franchise.

    Bottom line – this review is poorly written, got its fact all wrongs, is contradicatory, and this reviewer shouldn’t be reviewing games at all if his stance is “it’s too complicated for my casual mind, here’s a 5/10″

  4. avatar gamemaestro

    your review sucks, better yet you didnt put enough time into even understanding the gameplay. you just suck at everything, who doesnt like boobs and anime, if you dont then damn how many sausage fest you need gdamn and all the pricks that dont know anything then, go read a different review cuz this fart doesnt know what he’s talking about, ask other ppl and they’ll at least give it a decent rate of 7/10.

    all you probably did was take 10min of gameplay and thought “i dont know the crap im doing, cuz A) you read the tutorial enough B) you didnt take the time to even have the patience and C) you just suck at rpg’s. so no wonder you gave a low score you never made the effort so you got yourself a grade D when this game was a grade B, you just suck at games period.

    and everyother who agrees with you with out even playing the game is an every bit of a grade F as you, point made they suck at games.

    • avatar Nitika

      I am referring to the dimigon who has not reached the highest form yet they stop at lower level, one example my starmon stops at 25 and requires level 38 for to digivolve. What do I do? and what affects that?

  5. avatar ozzyscreach

    Hmmm..not the best review on a game that doesnt take itself seriously (a good thing), and is a nice bit of fresh air in the RPG world.
    This game is worth playing and worth a better review, as an open mind will prove that expectation is a humans undoing…
    I give this 8/10

  6. avatar Rezendeverus

    Buy this game~~~!!! story and gameplay rockz!!! this review damn sucks

  7. avatar PekoponTAS

    “While normal attacks are fun, you will grow tired of them within the first hour of playing”

    I assume you stopped playing after that first hour, judging by the fact that the two screen shots are within the first hour of the game, and you failed to mention several battle mechanics that are introduced later in the game. Also many reviews have mentioned the large amount of boss fights, but if you had actually played the game the whole way you’d know that the boss fights are the best part of the game, and not a flaw. Also all of the facts you mentioned could be easily lifted from reviews by people who actually played it.

    “Endless Frontier is not what I expected, and although I haven’t played any of the other games in series I think I can safely assume that they play roughly the same.”

    First off, this is a spin-off that plays NOTHING like the other games, and also if you hadn’t played the other games, then please tell me what exactly you WERE expecting?

    “Personally I like my RPG’s to have the battles as their strongest point, not their weakest.”

    Endless Frontier survives on its fun, face faced, and exciting battles. This statement is an absolute joke.

    Overall Score on your review: 1.0

  8. avatar DB

    *mash**mash**mash**mash*? THAT’S what you did for the battles? No WONDER you didn’t have any fun playing it. I tell people they ‘didn’t play the game right’ a lot of times, normally referring to the lack of user modification to make the most of a game, but you’ve gone PAST missing the point on this one. The game isn’t phenomenal, but it’s certainly worth more than your rating.

    • avatar Beatriz

      Me and my friends play a moiedifd version o the pathfinder rpg and we are only 14-15. Basiclly we are all from the village of Kessen and we are making our way threw dungeons. I am a dwarven fighter and opening doors for me is overrated i just knock them down. We are facing undeads and it is like a game for us to test our skill and the villagers sent to protect us all got killed except for one man and his? sister. A evil force just trys to kill us and what not. We are really enjoying this thank y

  9. avatar Clayton

    I’m only a few mins into this one, and I will admit, I can see how the battles might get old after 20 hours or so, but the smooth animations and seductive anime chicks keep me coming back for more. The story is fast paced, but I’m already hooked, and I love the clashing of worlds (an android, cowboy, and japanese dressed girl with a sword? Awesome). Also, boss fights are a great time to whip out the oh so fun overdrive moves, so I don’t see a problem with those being frequent. So sir, who wrote the review, please be more open minded and actually get to know a game before blamming it on the net, else you’ll just soil what might have been your good name at once.

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