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valkyria-chronicles-edy-dlc In our last DLC Impressions, we took a look at Valkyria ChroniclesHard Ex Mode. While its challenge and modifications were great, the DLC wasn’t recommended for everyone. Today we’ll check out Enter the Edy Detachment which is a single mission starring Edy, the twin-tailed tsundere. $5 for one mission does seem overpriced, but is it really worth it? Can this DLC be recommended to all owners of Valkyria Chronicles?

*I strongly advise you to finish the game before playing this DLC because there’s a huge spoiler implied. This review doesn’t contain any main campaign spoilers.*

Enter the Edy Detachment follows the egotistical Edy, the pacifist Susie, Marina the lone sniper, the dull darcsen Lynn, Homer the masochistic engineer, and the homosexual lancer Jann. They find themselves separated from Squad 7 because they ran after Imps and a puppy. Surprisingly, the puppy led them to a village that is being overrun by Imperials, and everyone agreed to help the villagers. You are tasked to defend a small base in the village in order to give the villagers plenty of time to evacuate with Edy taking charge.


The story of the Edy Detachment doesn’t add anything significant to the main story. Instead, the DLC focuses on strengthening the characters’ personality with its silly situation and hilarious dialogue which succeeds for some of the characters. Edy remains the egotistical person that she is by showing off her leadership role and slapping Homer around who seemed to be enjoying every second of it. Marina showed off a softer side by being the one who ran after the puppy. Lynn is too serious and dull to be in this weird cast. All she talked about was the mission and regrouping with the squad. There was nothing unique about her, and she just felt like any ordinary soldier. Susie was just plain annoying because she rarely listened to orders due to her being a pacifist. The best character is Jann who showed his affection for Largo in a way that won’t disgust the audience. If you hurt Largo, Jann will tear you a new one. After playing this, Jann became my new favorite minor character, while I happily let the Imperials take Susie.

Just like the main campaign, the dialogue is told through bobbling heads which can cause players to get bored and lose interest. One major complaint I have with the dialogue is why does everyone have to talk when they practically say the same thing?

Here’s an example:

Edy:” Let’s help the villagers. Are you with me?”

Jann: “Count me in.”

Susie: “Me too.”

Lynn: “I’m in.”

Marina: “Sure.”

Homer: “Since you’re all in, I have no choice.”

It’s something similar to that, and this occurs two to three times. It would’ve been better if everyone agreed at the same time as it would save me time by not having me repeatedly press X just to hear the same thing over and over again.


The mission is divided into two parts: you’ll be defending a small base for three turns, while the rest is spent on getting Edy to the destination point. There are four different endings where getting an A rank will get you the best ending, whereas the D rank will get you the worst ending. It’s an automatic game over if an enemy steps inside the base or if Edy dies. The base is surrounded by sandbags, so it’ll be a little harder for an enemy to step inside the base. Enemy mortars and tanks will destroy your sandbags, so make sure you get Homer to fix them. Enemy units will call for reinforcements and pop out of nowhere, giving you a disadvantage in defense. While the mission sounds challenging, it actually isn’t because your units are in Elite status; they have great defense, attack and weapons which makes the mission a cakewalk. Jann can greatly withstand the tank’s turret, so you can easily take him behind the tank to destroy it. Your moves are limited because you have to be in the base defending it. One thing that irritated me was why do I need to continue defending the base after all the villagers supposedly evacuated?

According to the dialogue when the second part of the mission started, the villagers have evacuated, so I decided to move my units outside the base. During the enemy phase, a scout stepped into the base and gave me a game over. I had to continue defending the base which didn’t make sense and was just outright annoying. At least you are able to save during battle, so you can load your data if you got a game over because of some vague mission design.

It’s difficult to recommend this DLC because the mission is bland and short (should take you around 5 turns to complete on your first try). There is a mission very similar to this in the main campaign thus not giving it a unique feel, and the other DLCs give you more bang. Sure there are multiple endings, but considering how easy it is, you’ll get the best ending on your second try. I can only recommend this to die-hard Edy fans, while the rest should wait for a price drop.

Overall: 4.5/10

  1. I think people would probably be better off playing the multitude of skirmish modes in the game rather than buying DLC

  2. avatar hmm

    I still think it worth did.
    Yes, I love Edy.

  3. avatar EdyFan

    Am I the only one who noticed the hand gesture and the ‘Ohh! hohohoho’ is borrowed from FFXI’s Shantotto?

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