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Earlier this year, Atlus has announced both Persona and Growlanser will be remade for the PSP. Before Persona’s release, Atlus has released numerous pictures, videos and soundtrack samples. Growlanser, on the other hand, only had few screen releases and one trailer. The game is going to be released this week, and my curiosity rose, asking myself where are the gameplay videos?

Luckily, the wait for gameplay footage of the PSP version is over. Hit the jump to watch the video.

The video is short and small, but at least we get a glimpse of how battling works. I love how smooth the menu runs.

The Growlanser remake is scheduled to release on May 14th in Japan. It is not confirmed whether this game will see a North American release, but one can dream right?

Source: PortableRPG

  1. Man, and here I was, all excited that this meant we were gonna see an English release. The craziest thing is that there’s definitely a market for Growlanser in the US, and it would be a good one. Atlus just killed it by kicking off their Growlanser releases with Heritage of War, which was an altogether sophomoric game. :/

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