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Dissidia: Final Fantasy is arguably the most anticipated game for the PlayStation Portable because it’s pretty much every Final Fantasy fan’s wet dream. If you were planning on picking up a PSP when the game releases, well here’s some good news. Sony has announced a new PSP limited edition entertainment pack featuring Dissidia.

The Dissidia bundle includes:

  • “Mystic Silver” PSP-3000 system
  • “FINAL FANTASY VII Advent Children,” on UMDTM
  • 2GB Memory Stick PRO DuoTM


The entertainment pack will retail at $199 and will only be available at GameStop starting on August 25. This gives you plenty of time to save up, and I have to say, it’s a sweet deal.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog

  1. I guess I didn’t imagine this game getting it’s own PSP edition bundle. However, the Final Fantasy name will sell units.

  2. avatar clueless@home

    where do i buy one

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