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Dissidia: Final Fantasy, the ultimate nerdgasm fighting game is coming west-side soon enough and to top off the awesomeness of the game, Square have decided to make the box-art reversible. Unfortunately both sides are equally awesome so it’s difficult to choose!


Darkness Vs. Light..ness

Both sides have awesome characters on them, one with the Dark badass characters, and one with all the pretty nancy-boys with giant swords. Which one will YOU choose?

  1. I like the white cover more but…Kefka > everyone else.

  2. FF boss poll!
    Kefka is great, but man, Golbez has him beat in terms of pure aesthetic coolness and bad-assery.

  3. I really recommend this game, I played the Japanese version and it was very good :D

  4. Where is Sabin! I don’t see him…does anyone know if he is in the game?

  5. avatar Granas3

    I can’t believe this is the actual boxart. There is stuff on vgboxart that looks miles nore professional than this. for example…

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