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It looks like those who were hoping on hopes for a big reveal from David Jaffe and his development team Eat Sleep Play at this year’s E3 will need to simmer down and forget it. We have now learned that, while Jaffe himself will be in attendance, there will be no surprises. And that means no Twisted Metal (this year). How did we come by this information? I’m afraid this one’s straight from the horse’s mouth. Hit the jump for a full quote and a link to Jaffe’s video blog.

As well as filling us in on his recent Diet Pepsi withdrawal symptoms, Jaffe had the following to say:

“Saying it now, because there are a lot of people speculating: we’re absolutely not going to be at E3. I will be there… but we’re not showing anything.”

On the subject of the new game Eat Sleep Play has in development, the former SCEA man mentioned that they had linked up with some old faces to help bring this mystery game (clearly Twisted Metal) up to PlayStation 3 standard.

“…We had some of the God Of War people come out and work with us on our game… we’ve made some substantial visual progress in the title, utilising a lot of the information they brought out to us, as well as, obviously, our team’s massive level of talent in the area as well…”

I think it’s safe to say that, at the very latest, we can expect some kind of information on this new title some E3 2010. Jaffe admitted his showmanship may just get the better of him:

“Next year, I fully expect us to be on the show floor,” he added. “Part of me would love to announce at E3, so you walk into the Sony booth and bam! There’s our game.”

For the full video, available on Youtube, click here.

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