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contraheader2The days of playing Contra with my father on the old NES might have a chance to be reborn. For some reason Konami subvertly announced Contra ReBirth for WiiWare, and you want to know the best part about it? It’s hitting Japan very soon.

If next week is soon enough for Japanese Wii owners, then they’ve got a lot to be excited about. It’s not certain why Konami hadn’t talked about this game before, or what the game really is. We’re not certain if it is a remake, or an all new adventure. Either way, Contra is awesome.


Source: Konami’s Contra Website

  1. Awesome! I’m totally on board for this!

  2. Well, it doesn’t LOOK like a remake. I’m down – the only thing that kept me from really liking Contra 4 is the dual screens, but if that’s not an issue, this ought to be really cool.

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