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Got a copy of Grand Theft Auto III collecting dust? Take it to Walmart! Really want to get rid of your copy of Sega Superstar Tennis? Go to Walmart! Have an abundance of Playstation 2 and original Xbox games to get rid of? Come to Walmart! The retail giant continues to grow every single day! Scared yet? We are too!

Walmart is running a pilot program that can be found in .02% of koisks In partnership with E-Play, you’ll now be able to trade in your games at Walmart. It also works as a DVD and Blu-ray rental service. No word yet on renting games, or if that’ll be a feature. This only being a pilot program, out of the over 3,000 Walmarts available it isn’t likely you will find it in yours. I think Walmart is the last place I will ever think of when trading in games, sorry.

Source: CheapAssGamer

  1. Walmart is a terrible place to trust when it comes to buying products. Also, their customer service is totally crappy. When the Pr0n infected PSP incident happened, Walmart just gave them the ”Not our problem” treatment. They even gave the ”Not our problem” treatment to the people who got a DS box full of rocks. Same treatment once again when a person bought a mac book air and got wrapped rocks.
    Worst of all, it wasn’t ”Their problem” until the media was alerted.

  2. I wouldn’t trust Walmart for anything aside from groceries, ever, except if you have some nice competitors ads…

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