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For years I have been heavily involved in the world surrounding City of Heroes and I know for a fact that there are a lot of players who have intently wished for the ability to change their allegiance. Like the trailer below says, it’s not just about Good vs. Evil anymore.

City of Heroes: Going Rogue is the first expansion to be released under the new Paragon Studios banner. They have been dedicated to releasing new content for their flagship MMO for years now. Going Rogue will give Villains the opportunity to switch sides and become a hero, and vise versa.

Although that seems simple, there is also a brand new world to explore simply known as Praetoria. It is ruled by an evil version of the epic hero known as Statesman. For fans of City of Heroes this is a major update that could forever have major changes on the game. Not to mention the roleplaying…

(Update) This new content is not a new issue to download, but a brand new expansion pack. Praetoria will be a fully realized world like Paragon City or the Rogue Isles. This new content will likely sport a price tag as well.

    Source: Going Rogue Official Page

    1. Heh..
      No doubt I’ll pick City of Heros back up when this is out…
      But really…unless it adds something other than the “hey go kill these guys then come back so we can tell you to go kill these guys” I won’t be staying around.

      The game generally is much more fun to create new characters get to around level 5 then make a new one.

    2. I’d love to get into city of heroes. But ill probably start Champions Online when it’s released.

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