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Today marks yet another sad day for the Chrono Trigger community, as the apparently 98% complete Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echo modification has been given a cease and desist order by Square Enix.

Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes was a fan project modification of the Chrono Trigger ROM begun in late 2004. Development continued thanks to a dedicated group of fans through 2009. By May 2009, the game featured ~35 hours of game play, 10 multiple endings, and 23 chapters, much like the original Chrono Trigger; it was around 98% complete. The plot featured the original cast as they struggled against a new villain risen from the legacy of Zeal.

Oddly enough I had never heard of this game before hearing of the cancellation, although upon reading up on the project it sounds like it could of been impressive, but how real the project was is still somewhat unconfirmed.

This brings back sad memories of the Chrono Resurrection project, but do you think Square-Enix did the right thing in protecting their IP?

Crimison Echo‘s website can be found here.

  1. avatar eadwin

    They also have given a Cease and Decist to a fan Chrono Trigger full 3D remake, which looked absolutely FANTASTIC. Greedy bastards. :’(

  2. avatar eadwin

    Oh, I didn’t notice you mentioning Chrono Resurrection at first, my bad, and sorry for the double post.

    Anyway, I wonder, couldn’t somebody just upload the modification to some torrent tracker? S-E would be left helpless. ;)

  3. That’s what will probably happen eadwin, although its likely that these guys would be held liable if that happened, “accident” or not, and those fines do not look good.

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  4. They wouldn’t have cared at all if Chrono Trigger DS had not just come out.

    HORRIBLE timing.

  5. Man, I need to pick up Chrono Trigger for the DS to find out what the hub bub is all about.

    • avatar Dawn

      Thanks Adele. I like the idea of a Product Persona Connection and it does feel like a nuratal place to capture potential triggers.

  6. I’d much rather have this then Chrono Trigger DS. I bet the 3D remake (Also demanded to be ceased) inspired them to make Chrono Trigger DS. After all, Chrono Trigger DS was announced shortly after the cease of Chrono Trigger 3D.
    Why can’t Square Enix just work somethings out, like hire these people to work for them, or purchase the licenses? Square Enix really needs to get a grip.

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  7. Because Squeenix is VERY ethnocentric, and I’d doubt they’d hire americans to work on a 3d Remake of one of their most classic games

  8. avatar jack

    S-E lost my trust long ago. They are not the same company which was passionate about the games they were making. They are just money-hungry bastards now. So may they go bankrupt so the world might understand that the gaming world is not all about business. I am personally suportings the company, which director is the creator of FF series itself (Hinorobu Sakaguchi). MISTWALKER. Let us support them instead.

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