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XBLA’s Castle Crashers (a 4 player, 2D hack and slash) has recently achieved a stunning 900,000 people on their leader-boards! In order to celebrate their possible run up to 1 million players, game devs The Behemoth have issued a challenge! There are multiple gifts and prizes to be won, and they’ve personally assured everyone that the prizes will be “awesome; nay… SPECTACULAR!”. Hit the jump for the full details!

The challenge has been issued: Guess the exact date and time that the Castle Crashers leader-boards hit 1,000,000 players!

The Rules:

  • One entry per person
  • One person per date/time
  • Round your guess to the nearest 5 minutes, and specify AM or PM, use pacific time. that is 3:45am, 2:10pm, 4:00am, etc. and not 8:32 and 43 seconds. if you submit a funky time like that, we will round UP to the nearest 5 minute mark.
  • When we reach 950,000, no more entries will be accepted!!

Do you have what it takes to make an accurate guess? If so, submit it here at the Behemoth Forums.

  1. The Behemoth has done a lot of things like this and I love them for it. I got a free King’s pack!

  2. I love Castle Crashers.

  3. @Chris

    I got a free King’s Pack too! So easy!

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