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Mega Man 10? Resident Evil 6?  Devil May Cry 5? What exactly does Capcom have in store for us this June?  Capcom-Unity has been kind enough to share the majority of the showcased games that will appear at the convention.  Although you’ll likely be familiar with most of the list, it’s what isn’t on the list that really catches the eye.  Hit the jump and start sleuthing.

“At the show, Capcom will be focusing on the following games:

  • Dark Void (PS3, 360, PC)
  • Lost Planet 2 (currently 360, PC)
  • Dead Rising 2 (will be “behind closed doors”)
  • Spyborgs (Wii)
  • Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles (Wii)
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP)
  • Marvel vs Capcom 2 (digital release for PS3, 360)
  • Fate Unlimited Codes (digital PSP release)
  • Street Fighter IV (PC)
  • Bionic Commando (PC)
  • Mega Man Star Force 3 (DS)
  • Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil (Wii)
  • Capcom Mystery Game #1 (playable in booth!)
  • Capcom Mystery Game #2 (announced at a press conference!)
  • plus games from Capcom’s mobile group, Capcom Interactive!”

Two mystery games.  One playable in a booth, and one getting it’s own press conference.  Looking at Capcom’s key franchises on the list, a little process of elimination reveals vague clues.

For starters, there are 2 Resident Evil games confirmed along with Dead Rising 2, so the odds are they won’t unleash any more zombies at us.  Between Street Fighter IV PC, Fate Unlimited Codes, and Marvel vs Capcom 2 there are 3 fighting games, so Capcom will probably avoid throwing any more punches.  However, their flagship bread and butter franchise, Mega Man, suspiciously only has Mega Man Star Force 3 confirmed for E3.

Anybody else think we’ll see  a new title featuring the Blue Bomber?  If so, what will the other be?  Toss us your predictions below.

Source: Capcom-Unity

  1. MEGA MAN 10 SNES STYLE! w0000tttt

  2. avatar Tommy

    Capcom Mystery Game announced at a press conference must be Devil May Cry 5!!! I hope it is…

  3. I have a different theory:

    For Mystery Game #1: Do you notice that one recently announced game is absent from the list? In all likelihood, our playable demo will be of Ace Attorney Investigations.

    Mystery Game #2: Read what it says for Lost Planet 2: “currently, XBox360, PC.” I’m betting it’ll be a press conference for a PS3 release. I hope I’m wrong about this one though, cos I’d rather hear about a new game or something…I’d personally like it if they announced a new Breath of Fire, but they’re totally not going to. :/

  4. I hope one of those mystery titles is a new Onimusha game.

  5. Well that is a nifty list. For the most part.
    Should go fairly well.

  6. Onimusha 5, DMC 5, or RE 6. Either one of those and I will cry.

    it will most likely be Zack and Wiki 2 before any of those.

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