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If you’ve been following E3 news at all, you’ll know that Capcom announced two ‘mystery games’ along with their E3 game lineup. For better or worse, Mystery Game #1 had been accidentally revealed a bit early, as Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom.

Now, all we’re left with is Mystery Game #2. Capcom has recently been using their Twitter to drop neat pieces of small news, and even free download codes for iPhone games to anyone who cares to look. Recently, their tidbits of news have been revolving around Mystery Game #2.

So far, there have been three hints dropped about the new game:

1. It is not Devil May Cry 5.

2. When asked the game would be a new IP or an existing franchise, Capcom said, “…established Capcom IP.

3. When asked if it would be of either the fighting game or action game genres, Capcom said, “Action!

The first two seem to narrow down the possibilities a lot; however, ‘action’ could mean just about anything. It could be an action adventure like Onimusha, or an action-platformer, like a new Mega Man – maybe even a new Mega Man Legends – or Strider game. If the word ‘action’ includes beat em’ up games, the possibilities open up a little more; would it be an oldie like Final Fight or Captain Commando? Or perhaps, something of recent years, like Viewtiful Joe?

At least the wait won’t be long; there’s only eight more days until E3! Still, it’s fun to speculate, isn’t it? What do you guys think? Is there any obvious action franchise I missed that hasn’t had a new game announced for it already (Lost Planet, Dead Rising)? Personally, though, I’ll be happy when they release a new version of Quiz & Dragons with modern pop-culture questions. Hey, a guy can dream, right?

  1. We’re getting Devil May Cry 5: It’s called Bayonetta! Oh snap!

    If it’s seriously supposed to be action, I’m fairly positive it’s Onimusha, and I’m bouncing off the walls already assuming this fact. It makes the most sense, because the Onimusha movie is still in hiatus following Ledger’s death. What better way to re-invigorate the franchise?

  2. It probably won’t be Viewtiful Joe 3. Remember how much of an impact Joe 2 made? Hint: it sounds like “zero.”

    It’s too bad, though. Those were some of the LameCube’s best 3rd-party games, up there with Rogue Squadron and Resident Evil 4.

  3. The only reason I would say it’s Strider over Onimusha is that there’s a lot of fan demand for a new Strider game. Still, I’d say Onimusha is the next-most logical choice. It’ll probably be one of those two for sure.

  4. Yea, and they also noted that they were probably going to make a Strider game months back. It’s safe to say that eventually, we’ll get it and if it’s similar to DMC, I’m so in. Will it be a Ninja Gaiden killer is the question.

  5. My money’s on Onimusha.

  6. Final Fight would be AMAZING!

  7. avatar kono tsurigi ocho duce

    they need to make a new darkstalkers or Final fight.

    maybe even captain commando and Strider

    or even better a Megaman & Viewtiful Joe crossover

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