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First Capcom is fearful of baconitis, now On Live is reeling from retail.  That’s right, the future streaming video game service provider is claiming that E3 simply isn’t the right climate for them.  On Live’s Mike McGarvey said, “More than anything, E3 is a retail-oriented conference, both for retail platforms and retail publishers, and OnLive is neither.” Does that mean On Live units won’t be purchased via retail?  The stork perhaps?  Digital downloads of new consoles somehow?  Hit the jump for more.

Despite having support from E3 attendees such as EA, Ubisoft, THQ, Take-Two, Atari (kinda at E3), Epic Games, Eidos and Codemasters, On Live feels it’s too cool for school.  Wouldn’t it make sense to have the new gaming platform showcasing along sides potential games the service will likely provide?

All is not lost, however, as McGarvey says “You’ll hear and see plenty from us this year in the run up to our external Beta and launch, delivered directly to your home through your broadband connection.”

“Delivered directly to your home”… maybe he means the On Live device itself will be delivered?

We’ll be keeping our ears to the ground.

Source: Eutrogamer

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