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After finally seeing Tim Schafer’s new action-adventure obtain a publisher, we were treated with screenshots galore and a release date.  Now, prepare yourself for Brutal Legend’s official story trailer, courtesy of Gamertrailers. com.  “For those of you about to rock…we salute you.”

Hit the jump for the goods.

Perhaps Tim Schafer has gained the favor of the heavy metal gods, because this game continues to impress as it moves closer to its release date in Rocktober.

Keep checking Gamer Limit for updates and news from E3 if Brutal Legend makes an appearance.

Source: Gametrailers

  1. This game just looks more interesting every time I look at it. Now, even my girlfriend wants me to buy it because she’s such a sucker for Jack Black and Tenacious D. I’m hyped, which rarely happens to me, heh.

  2. I’ve been waiting for a new Tim Schafer, and this one looks pretty sweet!

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