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And it turns out the cards may be from an entirely new deck.  A community manager from Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that there is a new project in the works at Blizzard, and it’s not going to be a “craft.”

A new MMO is in the works that won’t be affiliated with the Starcraft, Warcraft, or Diablo universes.  It’s only in its early stages of development, but after a decade it’s hard to not get excited for a new IP from Blizzard.  All the lore and game play is being built from scratch, and I’m only wondering which Christmas in the future I should start forwarding my emails to Santa. Of course there’s been rumors flying around in the past months regarding this matter, but now we have official confirmation.


  1. and here I was hoping for Starcraft: Ghost.

  2. And of course they won’t be at E3. What a shame ;(

  3. cool, this should be damn good

  4. @Andrew – Indefinitely Postponed ;(

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