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My experience with Bionic Commando has been limited, but then again hasn’t everyone’s? The original game for the Nintendo Entertainment System was far too hard for a five-year-old to complete, so I never went far beyond renting the game once or twice then crying to my Dad who couldn’t beat it either. Thankfully the demo for the upcoming Bionic Commando is not the single player, and perhaps I’ll do a bit better when I pick up the game next month.

I took an hour to check out the new Demo for the X360, impressions after the jump.

Almost a few moments after hooking up in a match I was dead. After reaching respawn I found a weapon, and began shooting at a guy. Before I knew it, I was dead again. I finally remember that you can swing from your mechanized arm. I latch on, and begin to jump and I was dead…again.

This time I was far more skillfull. The second I spawned I ran for cover, getting a good look at the surroundings. I came out of cover, and I was dead. After being brutally murdered by the same enemy for the fourth time, I was starting to become intimidated by this review.

At this point I more fully understood the controls, aiming, running, swinging, and jumping so I assumed that things would be alright. I spawned and I died. Spawned and died, spawned and died. I almost killed someone, then I died.

The match was over, and my initial impressions are that the sniper rifle is far too overpowered. I didn’t allow this to deter me, so I tried again.

This time things were slightly different. The second I could move I swung up and got myself onto higher ground. I found the sniper rifle, and began to mow them down. That was until someone came up behind me, shot and killed me, took the sniper rifle and then had control.

With only eight enemies on screen, the pace was frenzied. It did a good job making you feel like you were about to die any second. Although the sniper rifle needs some work, the whole experience was a lot of fun. There is definitely something to be said for swinging through the air while trying to mow an enemy down. They are doing a lot of things right, but still have a long way to go in order to balance things out. Maybe I need my fathers help like in the first title for the NES.

Click here to download Bionic Commando to your Xbox 360.

  1. *spawns* I really hope Cap…*dies*

  2. The guns lacked the feeling of any real power. I felt like I was shooting a pea gun at people. The swinging around part was fun as hell though. I definitely won’t be investing heavy time into multiplayer when I get around to this one.

  3. I really want to play this…. although I’m not over optimistic about how it turns out. It may be a toss up between this and Red Faction for my switch-off-n-play affections in the next coupla months. The demo for RF really impressed so this needs to go the extra mile.

  4. I took my time downloading this.
    Doing it now.

  5. Well now that I gave it a shot.
    I never really expected the game to appeal to me.
    I of course was correct. The controls are awkward, the multiplayer seems meh, and while I usually like multiplayer demos better (since thats what you stick around for after beating the game) this time I’d prefer an actual game demo.

  6. avatar edoggy

    ive downloaded th4 demo and havent gotten a game yet since yesterday whtas the deal?

  7. avatar DrWillumz

    Yeah, so I honestly don’t see why everyone is complaining. I had a great time with the multiplayer demo. Well obviously the multiplayer will be better on the actual game. And the controls. THE CONTROLS ARE FINE! The controls are like Spider Man + Ratchet in Clank. And the crosshairs are NOT too big. You can zoom in by pressing the right stick. And the swinging is amazing. It opens up so many more possibilities in multiplayer. CTF is going to be BAD ASS! There are a couple things I didn’t like about it though. The sniper is overpowered and the zip kick doesn’t do much damage. And also the graphics aren’t that great but that really doesn’t matter as long as the gameplay is fun and I would imagine the would only look better on the actual game. Honestly, you guys shouldn’t judge the multiplayer cause you’ve died a lot. It’s most likely because everyone you are playing has had the demo for longer than you and knows how everything works.

  8. avatar Dillosaur

    I don’t see what the problem is, everything about the demo was awesome. Very nice graphics, good controls, just a little glitchy but they will fix that kind of stuff. And the sniper is NOT overpowered! Seriously, in a game where you can swing across the map in under 10 seconds, you guys are complaining about snipers. It’s not that hard to swing over there to get some close combat. And the sniper even has a visible laser beam coming out when you aim it so you know if someone is aiming at you. Just figure out how to play the game and stop being babies.

  9. avatar blaze

    i enjoyed the demo incredibly. its funny because i definately barely died in each game i played, if they included a party system it would have been way better.

  10. avatar Lawrence

    loved it , loved it , loved it my highest score is 18 kills with 5 deaths

  11. avatar Lawrence

    it’s like Spider-man with guns , kind of lol

  12. avatar Lawrence

    @Dillosaur, my sentiments exactly

  13. avatar SteamRolan

    I’m enjoying this game more than Gears of War 2 surprisingly. I think I’m going to have to buy this if the multiplayer is this good. It’s only going to get better when you can do more stuff (hopefully).

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