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Those of us that haven’t been living under a muddy rock over the last week or so have probably spent too much of our time staring at a muddy field, possible looking for distintive rock formations; a fox cradling a small snake or a monkey drinking a can of soda, perhaps. This exciting activity has been possible only on Hideo Kojima’s teaser site, which previously had some minor changes following a countdown or two.

Thankfully, things have just got interesting, with the appearance of what appears to be Metal Gear Solid 3‘s Big Boss aka Naked Snake. Furthermore, a magazine scan has surfaced that suggests Raiden could be next. Hit the jump for more details and the scan.

Rumors that Kojima may have been planning to reveal a project outside of the Metal Gear universe can now be put to bed, which is one good thing here. Unfortunately, there is no telling what these images, or the mysterious “R” and “P” which now appear on the site, actually mean. Although, its probably exactly what you expect them to – the “P” linking up with the “5″ or “S” and “3″ to point to a PlayStation 3 release and the “R” signalling a return of the blonde beauty that is Raiden (seen in the picture below. Or maybe not?).


The teaser’s image may even be somebody other than Big Boss, but wasting time trying to second guess Kojima is just that… a waste of time – an impossibility, it would seem!

Anybody else have any bright ideas?

Scan source: Destructoid

  1. It’s Zone of the Enders 3 I tell you…It has to be, so many of my other predictions have gone wrong, please Kojima, be nice to me.

  2. You should have predicted Halo 4 at E3, like me! ODST is a cover-up!

    The inclusion of characters from the past and present suggests the game could translate multi-platform… It could be a time-jumping standalone title. Uh oh!

  3. Rumors are saying that it’s not Big Boss, it’s Solidus, and that it’s not Raiden, buy Grey Fox.

  4. I’m hearing that too… But what I’ve said is the TRUTH ;o)

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