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A lot of anticipation is being built around Beyond Good and Evil 2. With the new footage that was released last week, to all the talk about E3 is looks like Ubisoft decided to put their foots down and let everyone know the bad news.

According to some digging, it has been found that Ubisoft will not have the game playable on the show floor, or at private showings at the convention center. Now we’ll all cry a collection moan of sadness. It’ll come, eventually. Patience is a virtue best learned at an early age. Ubisoft is happily showing off Avatar, Assassins Creed 2, and Splinter Cell, but that’s it. Don’t cry too much, it’ll be okay.

Source: UGO

  1. woah, mad blow for anyone going to E3.

  2. damn that sucks, at least there will be everything else

  3. That is really disappointing. They said its not PLAYABLE. They never said they wouldnt show new footage of the game.

  4. Jokes on you! They will just show the footage from the video that was already spread across the interwebs.

    It may just be me that would find that very amusing…

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