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In order to build up the hype for E3 just a little bit more, we thought we would let you know that your favorite boys from across the pond songs for The Beatles: Rock Band will have only a partial revelation. Although that’s disappointing, it’ll be enough to tide us over.

Harmonix studio rep Alex Navarro said, “You’re looking at E3. It’s not going to be the full tracklist that we announce, but we’ll have some info at that point. We’re gonna tease it a little bit.”

And teased we are!

Let’s polish up those vocals, cut our hair, dress out of the sixties, and have a good ‘ol time!

Source: Eurogamer

We’re going to E3! We’ll be sure to have impressions of the game, if available, and we’ll be reporting on the tracklisting as soon as it hits!

  1. “Talk about a revelation… yeaahhh, ya knoooow”

  2. My girlfriend lives up past that zebra crossing. I go past all the time… a nice little fact for you.

    I don’t get bored of seeing it!

  3. “All you need is loveee” BAH BAH DAH DAH DAAAH

  4. avatar Chae Zierke

    Thanks Getty! We will not wait around to receive begun!

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