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The highly praised Truama Center franchise is about to get a major facelift. Although Hospital is not intended as a direct sequel, it is going to be a spiritual-successor for those who enjoy virtual surgery.

This title from Atlus will incorporate those gameplay elements, but add so many more to the table. It will follow the story of six hospital staffers, each with a specific medical specialty. Atlus also revealed that there would be two-player cooperative play. Hit the jump for a breakdown of the six staff members.

- Gabriel Cunningham: a character much like that of House from the TV series, examines patients in the doctor’s office to see what’s wrong with them
- Prisoner CR-SO1: surgeon sentenced to 250 years in cryogenic prison, but had that time reduced in order to operate on those that need him, follows a path similar   to traditional Trauma Center games
- Maria Torres: paramedic doctor, first-aid treatment for multiple victims at once
- Hank Freebird : fancy doctor using fancy equipment for big surgeries
- Tomoe Tachibana: endoscopic surgery, young woman that wears a doctor’s coat over her kimono
- Naomi Kimishima: genius surgeon from past Trauma Center titles, CSI-style forensic specialist, gameplay resembles more of an adventure game

Source: GoNintendo

  1. cool, ‘m assuming it’s for the Wii?

  2. Honestly? It wasn’t specified.

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