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Anyone who’s known me for any length of time could tell you that I love to read.  More than to any other single pursuit, I devote the lion’s share of my day to devouring books of all sorts, and in my impatience to read more or faster I often find myself juggling two at a time – a day without books, to play off the well-known quote, is like a day without sunshine.

Anyone who’s known me for a little bit longer could probably tell you that I also love Xenogears.  I’ve played through it more than I have any other RPG in my library, and to this day have yet to tire of its delightfully convoluted story, abjectly depressing world, and the Gears that populate it.  Unfortunately, both playing the game and reading in general require pretty hefty temporal commitments, and historically I’ve always had to choose one or the other.  Until now.

Fansite Xenogears: God and Mind, among other things, plays host to the ongoing effort to render the entirety of the game in novel format.  Begun ten years ago, the monolithic undertaking is in fact still incomplete, though it has, as the update just last week indicates, by no means been forgotten.

The novelization, the site stresses, is more than a literal translation of game to book.  Rather, author Dark has taken literary liberties where necessary or preferred, smoothing out – and fleshing out – the flow of the story to produce something more in line with a traditional novel.

Slow-going though the endeavor has clearly been, my hat’s off to the writer for the Herculean task that he’s taken on (and evidently stuck with).  So if you’re a fan of the game, stop by to check out what he’s done, and maybe even drop him a line to let him know what you think.

Source: XGAM

  1. Never played this, but I wish I had just so I could feel as excited as you about it… I’m jealous!

    Nice find.

  2. My short time with Xenogears was unimpressive. Here’s an old title I’d love to go back and try again.

    I love the music though.

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