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The Dark Knight has always been a master of gracefully maneuvering the battlefield.  Unfortunately, most video game entries in the Batman universe have restricted his arsenal to a simple kick, punch, and batarang.  All that is changing with Batman: Arkham Asylum. The guardian of Gotham now flows freely from enemy to enemy, without so much as a stutter between animations breaking his fluid combos.  Hit the jump for a developer walkthrough about the revolutionary combat system.

    Did you spot that Shoryuken about a minute in?  Batman just snuck in a jumping uppercut out of nowhere! Looks like Batman also studied ninjitsu alongside Ryu and Ken in his early days.

    The use of slow motion punctuates particularily brutal maneuvers and exagerrates victorious finishing blows on the last standing bad guy.  Batman is also able to counterattack with a timed button press as soon as a blue icon appears on screen.  Later in the video we see Batman stand calmly before a room of enemies, waiting for them to make the first move.  He then counters the move and springs in action, cape flowing ominously behind him.

    The concept of stringing together long combos in order to increase experience payout is great for getting players to dig into the free flow combat system.  Those willing to practice and master the innovative combat system instead of button mashing will surely be rewarded.  Arkham Asylum opens its gates quarter three of 2009.

    What moves did you see in the video that made your jaw drop?

    Source: GameTrailers

    1. Some guy got flipped upside his head with a metal bar. That looked rather painful.

      I really can’t wait to get this game. can’t bloody wait, I tells ya! Looks like button mashing will only get you so far.

      The sound is also pretty impressive!!

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