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Have you ever walked down the street, caught a glimpse of your own reflection in a shop window and thought: “I’m a freakin’ bad ass. I got a blonde high top, a vest, half a pack o’ bubble gum, an’ enough attitude to take on an army of pigs”…? If the answer to this everyday question is a resounding “yes”, you may want to try out to become the real-life version of the ultimate blonde, vest wearing bad ass. Lose the bubble gum and you may be in with a shot, dude.

To coincide with the release of the Duke Nukem Trilogy, to be released “sequentially” from this summer onwards for the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS, developer Apogee Software and distributor Deep Silver Inc. have come up with the ingenius plan to find somebody who can take on the responsibility of being the man himself.

“We want to see your best Duke Nukem,” said Chad McNeil, marketing manager for Deep Silver Inc. “so get ready to kick ass and chew some bubblegum because this is going to be one of the craziest promotions the videogame industry has seen for a long time!”

The search began with a three-city tour, but has now evolved into an all-American affair. There are no rules – apart from entries must be in video form – so get your thinking caps on if you want the chance to get paid to travel the world and kick some major butt. Who knows? maybe you’ll meet the real-life Lara Croft along the way.

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  1. All the staff of gamerlimit should enter. And show all our videos right here. We’d be awesome.

  2. But I’m all out of gum…

  3. Duke Nukem is actually my uncle.

  4. avatar Seth

    This is so awesome. How come I haven’t heard this before? Sadly, I’m not masculine enough to enter this prestigious contest.

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