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It’s a good thing Ms. Samus has that helmet, inter-galactic allergies are a killer!  The artist of the incredible picture featured above is Orioto, on deviantART. Hit the jump for some more breathtaking samples.

The following images are not in-game screenshots; they’re pictures! After reporting on his previous work a few months ago, I can safely say that Nintendo needs to hire this guy, immediately. At the very least he can do provocative advertisements for Nintendo’s latest games. I can only imagine how amazing Punch Out!! would have looked under his guidance.





Source: Orioto

  1. These are so cool! I love the Donkey Kong one. Someone is bound to hire this guy.

  2. Some pretty sweet works of art there!

  3. Beautiful. I’d love one of these on my wall.

  4. avatar Poedonk

    lemmings = awesome

  5. Those are pretty awesome, would love to have a good quality print of one of them to hang up.

  6. @ Paul

    I went as far as getting frames and glass for some of these pieces. Some of these new ones might push me to actually getting some printed. Ill post up some pics in the forum when I do. They are stunning

  7. damn those are impressive, nice job man

  8. Love the Donkey Kong pic.

  9. All games should look like this

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