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The new 1 vs. 100 beta has been out for a week now, and with a lifetime score of over 200,000 points, this writer feels very qualified to write the current impressions on the game.  These impressions can be summed up as simple, addictive, fun.

The game 1 vs. 100 is a live game show played through the Xbox dashboard available to all those who have a gold membership.  1 vs. 100 gives out real prizes and has a real host who is live at all times.

The basic premise of the game is that a player is selected to be “the one”, he or she then faces off against 100 other randomly selected players referred to as “the mob.” All remaining players in the game are then clumped together into the group called “the crowd.”  From this point on, all players answer multiple choice trivia questions ranging from pop culture to geography.

Every player from the mob who answers a question wrong is eliminated. So after each question it is 1 vs. 100, 1 vs. 92, 1 vs. 53, etc.  If the one answers the question wrong, he looses.

Each question answered correctly raises the money in the prize pot (in this case Microsoft points). When the one looses, the remaining players from the mob splits the pot of points.   For example, if it’s 1 vs. 5, with 6000 Microsoft points in the pot, and the one fails to answer the question correctly, the remaining 5 players of the mob will split the 6000 Microsoft point pot.  One the flip side though, if the one out answers all members of the mob, he then stands to make over 10,000 Microsoft points.

Over the course of one week the beta has improved significantly.  At the start of the beta last Friday, the game was plagued with connection errors and glitches.  Trying to connect to the game and stay connected was harder than answering the trivia questions themselves.  By the next showing though, this connection issue was completely fixed and there was not single problem in playing the game.
The next issue which has been hampering the beta is the voice feed from the live host.  One of the major features of 1 vs. 100 is a live host which guides players through the game, making it feel like a real game show.  The concept of this is great, but has been hampered by sound issues.  The voice feed of the host pops in and out ruining the immersion of the game.   Granted this has improved significantly over the course of the beta, but it’s still an issue which needs to be worked out.

The actual playing of the game itself runs very smoothly.  The questions come up frequently and have a good range in difficulty.  Even questions which appear to be quite difficult, still give the player a fighting chance by providing obvious incorrect options to choose from.
To add to the competitiveness of the game, the questions are timed, and the game directly pits you against three other players in the same category of play as you.  The only complaint I have here, is that you are able to see exactly when your three opponents answers their questions.

At face value this is not an issue, but the answers to choose from are brought up one by one.  This means that if you don’t know the answer to the question, but the first multiple choice option pops up and all your opponents select it before the other options pop up, you effectively know the answer.

Beyond this, the game itself is run just like a game show,  it has scheduled shows for 2 hours in length and if you want to play you have you catch it during that time.  A player can only be the one once per season and part of the mob once per episode.  This is great in that it increases the chances that you will be selected in one of the two groups, but considering that in the beta there are 16,000 players present, your chances aren’t too hot.

That being said though, the game is still extremely fun.  I love trivia, and if you do too, you will love this game.  There are still bugs and play issues that need to be worked out, but that’s why there is such a thing as a beta.

  1. I wonder if this is available on the AU store? Probably not.

  2. It might be, who knows. I can’t wait to play.

  3. From the screens, looks like we are gonna get crappy questions. I mean seriously, who the hell cares about what kind of cologne Obama wears?
    It’s supposed to be general knowledge, not celeb trivia.

  4. Darn Canadians.
    That’s all I’ve said since it was spoken of being a Canadian Beta.

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  6. Sounds like a pretty fun and creative concept to reward Xbox subscribers.

  7. avatar welshy

    i have an united kingdom account and when i am playing it i loode connection all the time its really enoying

  8. avatar codey

    Lol, its also us mann… you don’t need an account you need xbox 360 and live…. its also free.

  9. avatar x F e T i S IH

    y isnt it available in the uk ???

  10. avatar rob123324

    its boring to play by yourself but with a few friends in your party its a great laugh

  11. avatar Naru

    i actually ievbele it is sniper you have to be and at a certain level to. You get the team spawn on you because when people are ready to deploy, they deploy on you (If that makes any sense) Look at 3:20ish in the video and you see kootra spawn on someone, that person that he spawned on will get a message saying Team spawn on you Hope that helps

  12. avatar Boyce Elke

    if we have just signed up but I really would adore to see a specific letter (Lorelei Lee’s) is there some place i can possibly watch it or obtain a copy somehow?

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