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If you’re like us, you’ve been jealous of our Canadian brethren getting in on a beta before the rest of us. Well cool your heals, take a deep breath, and put down the knife: it’s coming to America.

On Monday, June 1st, the 1 vs. 100 beta will be opened to all United States residents with a gold Xbox Live subscription. No news on when the 1st season will begin, so let us all just enjoy the beta for now. Will you be the “one” or the “mob”? The obligatory Xbox Press Release comes after the jump.

U.S. and Canada: Are you ‘the One,’ ‘the Mob,’ or ‘the Crowd’?

Xbox LIVE Gold members, get ready to face-off and choose the money or ‘the Mob’ in the “1 vs 100” U.S. and Canadian Beta on Xbox LIVE, launching June 1. The first “1 vs 100 Live” show of the U.S. and Canadian Beta will air at 7:30 PM PDT that evening.

For the first time, Xbox LIVE has combined the best of TV show experiences with interactive social gaming to create “1 vs 100” – the largest interactive game show in the world.

“1 vs 100” on Xbox LIVE puts YOU center stage and features regularly scheduled shows, our live studio host, Chris Cashman who provides comedic commentary, real prizes1, and always-fresh content written by a team of trivia experts.

On the heels of the immensely successful “1 vs 100” Canadian Beta, Xbox will be extending the experience to Xbox LIVE members in the U.S. The U.S. and Canadian Beta will allow Xbox to gather valuable information in order to refine subsequent seasons of the show.

So dress-up your Avatar, set your reminder, and tune in to “1 vs 100” on Xbox LIVE!

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