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Good afternoon/evening/whatever time of day it is where you are. If you are reading this at noon, have a great lunch. If, on the other hand, you are delving into the archives of this now legendary website and it’s October 9th 2016 at about six-thirty in the evening: good evening. This is The Week In News, your round-up of highlights from Gamer Limit’s team of monkeys from the past seven days. I was recording a demo with my band today (which, in 2016, is probably worth a fortune), so these really are the highest of the highlights – it is nearly bedtime for me. I live in London which, in 2016…. OK, I’ll stop now. Hit the jump, future-boy/girl!



Ahh Duke. For so many years we have mulled over how you might have entertained us in your next outing. From hundreds of screenshots, teaser and trailer videos, umpteenth reworkings of the theme and countless new on-liners, we have tried to piece together what may very well grace our screens. Since DNF was announced,  everyone’s favourite bubblegum chewing, politically incorrect, muscle bound one liner became something of a myth inside his own legend.

So I ask, if DNF was released, would it be everything we were promised?



Living in Australia has its ups and downs. Nice weather, cool accent and nice beaches to name a few. But living as a gamer in Australia isn’t the most accessible pastime. Not only are games AU$110 on release but usually get here 1-2 weeks later, sometimes even months. Then there’s the censorship nonsense. My passion for gaming has always pushed me that extra mile in keeping up to date with the latest and greatest in this ever expanding industry. One of my rituals each year is waking up bright and early (usually around 4am) to tune in and stream all the E3 antics live.



In my last Sunday Soapbox, I discussed the merits of the title “Gamer”, and the qualifications required to carry it. Reader responses were varied, but a running theme defined the title by means of duration – the amount of time devoted to the hobby determined one’s eligibility. Like some perverse, sedentary flight school, we’re requiring a number of hours behind the joystick before a gamer earns their wings – this begs the question: With all these hours invested, what do we have to show for them? Or perhaps more importantly, what do we sacrifice in favor of games?



Square Enix has really been diversifying its lineup, seeking to become more than “the Final Fantasy people,” and their current E3 lineup helps prove that. Hidden in that press release is an announcement for what looks like a third-person brawler NIER, developed by Cavia, from whose loins also sprang the Xbox 360 title Bullet Witch and the PS2′s Drakengard.

By the looks of the trailer (which you can see by reading more or visiting the official site), it evokes more Drakengard than Bullet Witch. Channeling Drakengard may not be the best of ideas, but what little is shown of gameplay certainly looks more involved than that game. Dragon riding is yet to be confirmed. Read more… »


From your standard racing to the typical shooter, video games are beginning to incorporate specific locations into there design.  For me, this is something that is important because I’m deeply rooted into one of the most iconic cities in the world.  The dazzling lights, $5 dollar black jack, replicated worldly landmarks, a mobster history, and of course, gambling are just a few of the many elements that give my hometown the title… Sin City. Read more… »


The elephant may be rampaging but that doesn’t mean I know what to write.


coopMy previous Sunday Soapbox took the form of my inner grumpy old man moaning about the games of today, and the features they perhaps lack, or at least the features they have implemented that could do with an improvement. So this week I thought “why change anything, innovation is hard” and will be moaning at my screen again, although this time about the co-operative element of my beloved video games.



I cannot be certain why, but there is something about Activision’s Call of Duty that makes it absolutely addicting. Perhaps it is the high quality matchmaking features that bring people back over and over? Is it the the different types of games within the matchmaking that make it fun? Let’s try to figure it out.



One of my favorite things to do with XBox Live Arcade is to browse new games every 3-4 weeks and see if anything catches my eye. Well, I recently found a Square-Enix game that completely flew under my radar called Crystal Defenders. The game looked beautiful, so even though it was based off of Final Fantasy Tactics A2, which I didn’t like very much, I thought I’d give it a shot.


Recently, Guerilla Games announced a new patch for Killzone 2. The patch includes many features that fans have been clammoring for since release, including squad carry-over between matches, and adjusted controls. Hit the jump for the full patch notes.



Like many gamers, I started the Grand Theft Auto Series with Grand Theft Auto III (GTA III); I didn’t know what to expect. When I purchased my PS2 back in 2001, I couldn’t decide what PS2 game I should get first. I was planning on getting Twisted Metal: Black first since I loved the previous installments on the PlayStation, but I wanted something to blow my mind – a next-gen experience if you will. I didn’t feel Twisted Metal: Black would deliver that experience.

Every time the TV was on, adverts of GTA III would air, and I kept thinking to myself, “What is this game about?” Also, many of my friends were wildly chattering about the game, persuading me to obtain it. Under peer pressure and intense marketing, I decided to purchase the game, and it was a decision I would never regret.