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When browsing the web in a state of boredom, I came across a quite interesting article. This article suggested after a recent poll/survey suggested that one out of three British men would prefer to play video games than sleep with their partner, claiming the 72% of them would turn down their partner in order to play a new release.

As someone who is not currently in a relationship I still find this latest statistics hard to take on board. I have been in a long term relationship, and over this period I would not even think of turning down a night of romance to play the next level of a game.

One thing that could be a sign is that the survey was carried out on a Playstation 3 website. So the target audience for this survey was gamers, but still I don’t think it is a good enough excuse for the findings to be so high in favour of gaming. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying sex is the be all and end all of a relationship, but 72% is a high amount.

The next part of the poll which the article pointed out as sad, which I didn’t really agree with, was the same people were asked if they were given £50 to spend on anything 41% said they’d spend it on a game. But, in my opinion if you asked this question on a gaming site, what do you expect? I’m sure the outcome would be the same if you asked on a craft/art site if you were given £50 what you would spend it on, at least 40% would say art and craft supplies.

As a guy who believes he is a pretty big gamer and enjoys writing about and discussing games, I still cannot bring myself to believe the high percentage that claimed they would rather play games than have a romantic evening with their partner. I mean if it was the choice the between playing games and sleeping with a stranger, these sort of numbers might have seemed acceptable.

This survey was set up in order to research the growing trend of video game addiction within the British male population, and I would say that the findings are quite worrying and believe that sex was the right thing to ask them to choose between, as everyone knows that a high percentage of the male population think sex is a given thing in life and not a choice.

The findings did show that maybe there currently is an addiction to gaming at this point within the British male population, but is there any point or anyway to stop this growing trend and the popularity of gaming growing? After all it’s not going to have a massive effect on the population of Britain, there are still plenty of people out there re-populating the planet, even as I type this up, someone somewhere in the Britain will be working on the next statistic on the population total.

The most worry thing about this growing popularity in gaming, and what this survey was set to show is the more you look around the more obvious the fact of the matter is gaming is becoming an addiction within males. With what was seem as a geeky thing in the past, has suddenly boomed, and became the in thing.

This is further cemented into place when you look at the the image above, I mean when would you expect to see a girl posing in computer game related knickers, with that sort of provocative connotation to the picture. The main worry being with the people that completed the survey, it is highly likely that the caption with the previous image is going to be the truth.

Now it seems that games are now becoming a part of everything aimed at the male population, with even magazines like Front which uses the slogan ‘A Proper Gents Mag’ introducing a mixture of sexy girls, posing as game characters. Which is showing other mainstream medias are picking up on this, and rightly so are using it to their advantage; to sell their product, but, this is a sign of how much this is becoming clear, and the survey has just backed this up with the figures.

Even female characters in games are now becoming sex symbols in ways, with many a game discussion board having a topic for people to talk about attractive game characters, just to think this was all started by the face and more noticeably the very pointy boobs of Lara Croft in the original Tomb Raider.

Now you have developers aiming to break the hold Lara Croft has on the male gamer, and becoming the new female icon and sex icon in gaming, but, they keep falling short on this aim.

Also included within the survey was a part to give reasons they preferred gaming, with the ones that stood out the most being…

  • Their partner is too hard to please
  • The prospect not being as fun as gaming

I personally think these are just excuses to cover up their addiction to gaming, don’t get me wrong I think everyone has a right to their own thoughts and views, and I have no issues against the people who picked games, over the romance. It just find the pure amount that would prefer gaming is still a shock to me.

As a gamer this has stuck in my mind, when powering up my consoles. It has got me thinking am I playing games too often? Am I addicted? But to be honest I really think I could give up on gaming in order to show some love and romance to a partner if I was in a relationship, be it serious or just a bit of fun.

Survey Source: Pocket Lint

  1. Some of this information is mind boggling. Good read, lol.

  2. “Romantic evening” > Games

  3. …I noticed the Nintendo logo first…

    • avatar Samuel

      Yeah I’ve seen it cause it. And tell your man to wash his hands and his stuff once in a while and you won’t get the UTI as easily.

  4. @Tim I agree.

    I would pick sex over gaming any day (well under most circumstances).

    • avatar Liza

      I decided long ago that “New Year Resolutions” only set melysf up for failure. Therefore, I no longer make them. If there is something that needs resolved in my life, I do not wait for January. On the other hand, setting goals are important and what better incentive than a neew year, to sit down and map things out. However I couldn’t help but notice that on the list you put “have more sex”More Sex must be calculated and planned because ‘willy-nilly’ or ‘free-for-all’ sex is dangerous and if you jump in without safety gear, the sex parts could catch something and rot off.

  5. avatar jpod

    sex > games. damn those people taht would rather play games. plus u can make it last only 5 secs if need be. haha.

  6. avatar Siby Thomas

    I believe gaming is only a medium of entertainment. I have deep tension when i get too much involved in gaming, and takes a long time to get rid of it. And when it comes to relationship and love, that’s what life is all about. There’s nothing more gratifying in the world than getting unconditional love… I do love games too..haha

  7. avatar squidyj

    Why does it always have to be set up as an either or proposition? Chances are I wouldn’t wind up in a relationship with someone who wanted me, or in some other way required me, to give up gaming. If I did by some mistake I can guarantee that it wouldn’t last long. And I don’t mean to say it like it’s the girl or gaming and I choose gaming, what I mean is that the kind of woman who would require me to give it up, well I wouldn’t be good in a relationship with her anyway.

  8. If you really do wander if you are addicyed I read an article probably a month ago and it was asking are you addicted to video games There were some serious symptoms listed for if were or were not i can say i wasnt thankfully and that probably most of the world isnt with what they listed “seeing video game characters, out of your game” really? really?

    • avatar Narasimha

      / I have not checked in here for some time bescaue I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend

  9. Why doesn’t anyone ask if they’re addicted to sex?

    On a more serious note, games are a form of entertainment, and entertainment is basically a form of escape, an anesthetic from all the stress and obligations in our lives. Depending on your relationship, sex and romance can be an escape or it can be just another obligation. I would say the problem here isn’t so much videogame addiction as it is unfulfilling relationships.

    • avatar Samuelraju

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  10. avatar Xwing1056

    So research shows 40% of males would rather have play a new video game release than have sex. Your interpretation is that males must be pathologically addicted to games.

    But let’s think supply and demand. People want what they don’t already have enough of. If I want desperately to play a new release, that’s because it’s a rare event. If I’m not that eager to have sex, that’s because it’s so common. To put it differently, you can have sex anytime, but it’s not every day you find a great new release.

    One commenter says “the problem here isn’t so much videogame addiction as it is unfulfilling relationships.” But economics suggest that gamers are getting plenty of satisfying sex, and that it is unfulfilling gaming experiences that are driving males to “use and discard” one game after another in hopes of satisfying their craving for entertainment. What they really need is a good, long-term game to settle them down and get them out of this cycle of neediness.

    • avatar Toucha

      While it has been recently aonnunced as network policy, we’d have first to see all the questions it applies to, lest we start getting “why can they ask when I can’t?” complaints. Mar 4 at 11:34

  11. avatar Xwing1056

    Correction: 72% of males. If anything, this demonstrates further that males are not left fulfilled by their video games.

  12. Depends on the game lol. Having been with the Mrs for 4 years, sex I can have any time and regularly (and it is very good, too), but those new releases you’ve waited oh so long for only come (that’s not a pun) once in a blue moon!

  13. avatar Prince Vern

    @_@ Sex. Isn’t. Everything.

    That is all~

  14. avatar Rikiya

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