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Wolverine is a pretty tough guy. That’s the main message Activision want to get across in a developer diary just released for their upcoming title  X-Men Origins: Wolverine… and they’ve succeeded. Nothing in this clip suggests that a one-on-one with the wild-haired, enviable side-burned one would end in anything other than brutal death. But at least it’d look good.

The opening section of this video shows off some rather impressive rendering of our overly aggressive yet somehow loveable rogue, while other highlights include sections regarding Wolverine’s healing abilities and his “lunge” manoeuvre. Hit the jump for the clip…

  1. Can’t wait to play this game. Except for the spinning attack, everything I see about this game makes me want it more and more.

  2. It sounds like this crew really knows what to do with the game. It looks really good, and it’s one of the first movie games I’ve considered playing for a long time. Hopefully they incorporate something to add some replay value.

  3. In terms of replay, I’m not expecting much, but I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised when it comes time to review it.

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