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Bioshock. One of the best games of this generation captivated gamers around the world with its twists and turns as well as atmosphere so tense that every footstep of a Big Daddy sent chills down our spines. The world premiere of Bioshock 2 on Gametrailers TV shows that 2K hasn’t lost their touch.

Be wary there may be some Bioshock spoilers after the jump.

We are immediately launched into what seems to be the persona of a Big Daddy. The giant drill and whale like moans only enforce this. The H.U.D seems to be unchanged with a few minor changes here and there. It is now that we see our first glimpse of the Big Sister. She looked fast and she is fast. She also introduces us to a large scripted event. The flooding of a large section of Rapture. Something that the original Bioshock had but nowhere near in this scale. Rapture still looks as good as ever, perhaps even better.

We are then cut to some combat with some splicers. It seems that 2K has listened to the main criticism of the original Bioshock, that being the combat made splicers take way too many bullets than they should of. Plasmids are back as well as some nifty new weapons. Fire and Drills seems to be a good mix.

Where this game will take place in the grand scheme of Bioshock will be interesting. There seems to be no human element about your character. The ending of the original Bioshock made us into a big daddy, but we were liberated (in the good ending) and made human. So a prologue may be the way Bioshock 2 is going. We all know that there will be some insane story twists along the way which will make even the boldest guesses seem tame.

  1. Not a fan of the first. Generic shooter. I’ll give this one a try though.

  2. Looks pretty solid, I have to say.

  3. Looks great. Cant wait!

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