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gamerlimitmarvelvscapcom2At this point in the console wars, Nintendo fans have probably come to expect this sort of news. Although it is incredibly disappointing, the blame should really not be focused toward Capcom, instead Nintendo should be held accountable for their little magic white box.

Capcom’s Christian Svensson chimed in on the Capcom Unity Blog to let us know exactly why the Wii will not receive the revamped Dreamcast fighter.

  • They do not own the retail rights to the project.
  • The WiiWare file size limit is much too small.

Svensson went on to say that the average Nintendo 64 game will not be over 32 megabytes, whereas Marvel vs. Capcom 2 will clock in at several hundred megabytes.

Source: Capcom Unity Blog

  1. It would be hilarious if the console just couldn’t handle the game on a hardware level.

  2. Thats a shame, I have a PS3 as well though so I dont care. Ill just laugh… Hahahahahaha

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