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Nintendo of Japan President, Saturo Iwata has officially announced the dates for the release of Wii Sports Resort, and the MotionPlus peripheral. Japan will be the first to recieve the sequel to the incredibly popular Wii launch title in June of 2009. The “overseas” markets will receive the title in July. Mr. Iwata offered no pricing for the game and peripheral, or the MotionPlus attachment on its own.

He further commented stating that he believed that Wii Sports Resort would help combat the Japanese Wii’s market slowdown. In a few final comments, Iwata stated that the Wii would not recieve a price cut any time soon.

Source: Reuters

  1. As much as I want Nintendo to make Kid Icarus or localize Mother 3, I might just check this out…

  2. Will sell like hot cakes at a hot cake festival on hot cake day with all the customer being Roseanne clones.

    It will sell lots.

  3. I haven’t touched Wii Sports since the week I got my Wii. I wonder if this will have any staying power.

  4. I doubt it. I really do.

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