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Another Friday here at the Gamer Limit offices means that Colin lets us off our leashes and lets us play what we want to. There’s quite a variety of games on video for those who are looking for them. Most of the AAA titles are currently behind us, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t games that don’t deserve some of our attention. Whether you’re playing Guitar Hero: Metallica or making a getaway in the Wheelman, let us know what’s up with you this weekend.

Ricky: This weekend is the first in a while that I can truly sit down with a few new games and let myself slip into the world of polygons. I recently picked up Guitar Hero: Metallica and plan to rock out with those dudes. I’m not the biggest Metallica fan, but I imagine that at the very least, the songs will be fun to play for a Guitar Hero vet. I also have Ninja Blade on deck. I was a huge fan of the original Ninja Gaiden, the same can’t be said for its sequel, but I want to try this thing out. I have zero expectations for it, so hopefully I’ll be surprised.

James: Back at work after the Easter Hols, I didn’t get a hell of a lot of time to play this week! I’ve been spending a few hours stalking deer in TheHunter, which is ridiculously immersive. Say what you will about the content, but it’s ridiculously engaging. Still playing through Valkyria Chronicles, which is a killer title, by all sense of the word. Sega really need to make more games like this, instead of pumping out more Sonic dredge. Definitely looking forward to the upcoming DLC.

Chris: Due to Easter vacation I didn’t get much of an opportunity to play games, but I was able to sneak in a bit. I finally got around to trying Farcry 2 on the PC, and was pretty impressed. I’m really confused why you can’t go prone though, considering how fun sniping is. Other than that, I’m mainly just dabbling around in my backlog, and finally getting around to beating Shinobi PS2 (which oddly enough, is set in Neo-Tokyo, and looks a lot like Ninja Blade).

Paul: After being pretty impressed with Halo Wars, completing it this week, am keeping myself in the strategy mood with some Civilization: Revolution as well as some schoolyard sandbox carnage with Bully: Scholarship Edition, although is it wrong that I’m finding most of my enjoyment through the lessons? Never thought a Rockstar game would see me rushing to get to class on time.

Tim I’m still plugging away atValkyria Chronicles. The game is confusing the hell out of me though, because it feels like it’s almost over but there is still a bunch of stuff I haven’t unlocked yet.  I dusted off ActRaiser for the Retro Podcast and have been fully addicted to that recently.  Resident Evil 5 is still getting attention, and I have just 2 more achievements to unlock!

Jamie: I’m on a quest to play through the entire Suikoden RPG series by the end of summer. Currently, I’m most of the way through Suikoden 3, so that’s where most of my gaming time is spent. However, when I have only a short amount of free time, I’ve been celebrating the return of my XBox360 (which I got back only a week ago after getting RRoD’d) by playing Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: HD Remix – undefeated in ranked matches this week!

Chase: I am currently throwing more hadouken’s and shoryuken’s then I can count with Street Fighter IV firmly implanted into my Xbox 360. When I finally pry myself away from it I have been taking a heavy metal trip into the past with LucasArts phenomenal point and click adventure game, Full Throttle.

Cloud: Two new games for me to play through this week; Mirrors Edge and Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction. Seems I’m a bit behind in the times! Greatly enjoying Mirrors Edge but I’m slightly concerned about the amount of indoor levels so far, for a free running game you seem to be inside a lot. As for Ratchet and Clank? Well, I’ve always loved their games, and Tools of Destruction seems like another great one.

Steve: It’s been a long time coming, but I finally got my hands on a copy of a cool game called “Vacation”. You spend a lot of time swimming, relaxing, and writing a couple of reviews as time warrants. I’m giving “Vacation” a 10 out of 10 when the review goes up.
Clance: I’ve been sinking my teeth into Resistance: Retribution this week and, having previously sharpened my teeth on the two PlayStation 3 versions, can happily say it’s well worth a blast… review is one the way, so stay tuned you lucky people! Also, been getting my fix of Fifa 09, Killzone 2 and getting some major kicks out of driving around the jungle in a pimped out Jeep looking for diamonds in suitcases while simultaneously being shot by someone in a different area code. I love Far Cry 2!
Josh: The PC has been my dominant gaming platform lately as I bounce erratically between Left 4 Dead, Fallout 3, Dawn of War 2, World of Warcraft, and even a bit of Starcraft. When I do allow the glow of my monitor to fade, I find myself opening a bottle of wine and getting cozy on the couch with my DS and a copy of Chrono Trigger – I won’t go into detail (A gentleman never tells) but let’s just say I love that game.
Well, our writers and editors have weighed in on their weekends, now we ask you… What’s in the tray?

  1. Its always nice to read what the rest of you guys are playing. It seems like Valkyria Chronicles is a popular game!

  2. @Cloud

    If you have a PS3, you should be playing it.

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