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Easter is here for those that choose to believe in that stuff, but for all of us, regardless of religious denomination… we’ll be gaming.

See after the jump what’s spinning in the staff’s consoles and PC-DVDs this weekend!

Ricky: I’m going to attempt to jump into Persona 4 and make it past the dreaded 3 hour mark, to where I can actually play the game. Other than that, I’ve been slouching on my regular Street Fighter IV practice and hope to get back into the grind. For me, I’ve been slouching in regards to gaming, and hopefully something gets released soon that can change that.

Chris: I’ve been putting in a ton of time with Peggle DS especially since I’m on the road as we speak.

David: Ah Easter, how I completely forgot that you are this week. Since you have not effected my gaming, I don’t see why I would have noticed. I have been filling my time with The Chronicles of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena. Such a fantastic title that I am glad Game Stop decided to break street date on so I could get it early. I’ve also found every time I have few moments to spare, I pull out my old stand by, Picross DS. It is by far one of my favorite DS games and manages to pull me in and not let go every time I decide to give it another go.

Jimmy: In between working and writing, I’m definitely going to finally crack open Valkyria Chronicles and play it through. It’s one of those titles that requires a pretty decent time investment, and the long weekend provides ample opportunity to play. I’ll also continue my quest to finish The Last Remnant on PC, addictive little RPG that one.

Tim: Resident Evil 5 is red hot and spinning in my 360 tray right now.  Going for all the achievements and trying out versus mode has me dedicated to it.  Tonight it may be replaced with some Guitar Hero: Metallica so I can rock out with some friends and sing like an idiot to some of my favorite songs.  After that it’s time to dig my heels in and get back to Valkyria Chronicles.

Gaius: Having at last bested RE5′s Professional setting, I’ve once again struck out for the Capital Wasteland. Though I fully expect to spend weeks or months exploring Fallout 3 in its entirety, it’s perhaps the first title since Shadow of the Colossus in which I’ve been so fully absorbed in the journey itself; the figurative destination, however remote, I in fact find myself perfectly content to leave on the horizon.

C. Rossi: With so many new games on my shelf it’s been a hard time deciding what I should play. At the moment I’m finishing up Assassins Creed, dominating in Motorstorm as I only bought it this week, and last but not least having one hell of a time playing Eternal Sonata. I was ecstatic to finally find an RPG on the PS3 that I can fully enjoy, and I’ve found it to be one of the more enjoyable ones I’ve ever played.”

Steve: Trying to be a the crime boss is more difficult than it seems. Godfather II is definitely one of the best sandbox games I’ve played in awhile. I’m also trying to become a Peggle Master!

So, dear readers, what is keeping you busy this holiday weekend?

  1. Well since my 360′s in Germany getting RRoD treatment, I’ll be bashing through some DS games. Chrono Trigger maybe.

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