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Kotaku reports in the upcoming issue of Famitsu that Capcom has finally named the main character for Dead Rising 2.  His name will be echoed throughout the halls of history as he battles the “alleged” 6,000 on-screen zombies.

Hit the Jump to find out what it is.

It’s Chuck Greene. Let the Chuck Norris jokes fly!

Dead Rising 2 is going to be built around the same 72 hour time limit, but isn’t going to be developed exclusively by Capcom.  Blue Castle Games (creators of sports titles The Bigs and Major League Baseball 2k8) is giving Capcom a helping hand in the development process.

Who knows…maybe they will hit a home run.

Source: Kotaku

  1. I’m thinking its going to be awesome, maybe. Online co-op, please?

  2. I’ve actually only just bought and finished the original, but it was good! 6000 zombies is hard to believe, the other had around 800 max (whilst the Wii had 100!).

  3. Is that a zombie fan dancer?

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