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burnout_cops_robbers2Although some of the recent downloadable content releases for Burnout Paradise have been a little bit on the dark side of lackluster, the Cops and Robbers downloadable content for Paradise City looks to be a nice diversion to be put into the game. The trailer recently released by Critereon just teases at the things to come.

The new trailer just released by Critereon does not really show any of the gameplay elements in Cops and Robbers, although I don’t think we really a trailer to show what that is going to be like. The trailer does show off some beautiful cars going very quickly down the highways of Paradise City. Makes me want to pop in Burnout Paradise really bad. Cops and Robbers is coming soon!

  1. If I was to break out of my shell and try a real racing game, I think Paradise City would be it. Also, Cops and Robbers modes are under exploited.

  2. I absolutely love this game. It’s only 20 bucks, give it a try!

  3. one of the most “Adrenaline Rush” racing games I ever played, “cops and robbers” should add more adrenaline !

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