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In a lot of gaming sequels there have been links to the previous games, past stories you would need to catch up on. Sometimes you can feel slightly lost, and unable to feel fully into the game if you haven’t played any of the previous instalments. Luckily Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is not one of those games.The latest issue of GamePro [issue #247], has an interview with the President of Naughty Dog; Evan Wells. The interview reveals the current ideals for Uncharted 2, and they seem pretty interesting.

When asked about the series he replied that they were – “making sure that you do not need to know about the experiences Nathan Drake had in Uncharted: Drakes Fortune to understand or follow the story in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves”, this is in relation to newcomers to Drake and his adventures. He continued to say that – “Although Uncharted 2 starts off a couple of years after the first story ends, it’s important to remember that the two stories and games are independent for each other…”

This seems like good news, unrelated games with the same character. No even if you haven’t played Drakes Fortune, you won’t have a problem with the sequel.

  1. This actually isn’t good news at all. This is going to infuriate fans of Victor Sullivan and Elena Fisher, as it essentially puts the nail in their coffins. I might pass on Uncharted 2 now.


  3. that’s not a bad idea. Sort of like a James Bond approach. Hell, that series lasted.

  4. With Drake’s attitude and his affinity for getting into trouble its a great move on Naughty Dog’s part. Just don’t make the story so predictable!

    Didn’t Indiana Jones do the same thing? Those movies were awesome right? I forget.

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