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Apparently, our large ego’d friends from MySims have a new agenda on their plate.  Are they baking pastries to attract people to their town?  Are they racing customizable karts to maintain a city’s population?  No, this Fall, EA dresses the little tykes up for their most grown up adventure yet.

MySims Agents has just been announced and it promises to maintain the cutesy, customizable integrity of the MySims franchise while forcing players to solve problems and investigate clues amidst menacing threats to the harmony of their city.  Secret Agent Sim to the rescue!  Coming out for both the Wii and DS, you have to wonder how hard it’s going to be to wield a stylus or controller while drinking a martini.

Source: Kotaku

  1. I wonder if they will have MySims: Playboy Mansion? I mean…the market is there.

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