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Hello and welcome to The Week In News, our brand new slice of roast beef Sunday goodness, in which we take you through a selection of highlights from the week in gaming – Sunday is the day of being lazy, afterall. So let Gamer Limit do the work for you.

It’s actually been a week packed full of the kind of treats that make it a pleasure to be a gamer in 2009. Legendary inventor of stealth Hideo Kojima has been enjoying his retirement extremely temporary hiatus from the world of gaming, first appearing on a classic Mega 64 skit, then providing one of the highlights of this year’s April fool’s jokes – Metal Gear Campbell.

Elsewhere there were a handful of gameplay videos and teaser trailers. PlayStation 3 owners keen to get there hands on Uncharted 2 will be delighted and frustrated in equal measure at the site of this gorgeous leaked gameplay footage, while a Ratchet & Clank teaser was revealed and some hide ‘n’ seek gameplay was shown for Batman: Arkham Asylum. Other highlights included an interesting look at Mass Effect 2 via a video that saw the scenery’s detail become increasingly layered throughout and a lovely little developer diary about X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Off-screen, there was a study that revealed gaming can be rather good for your eyesight and a claim from Deus Ex designer that it can be rather terrible for your wallet. And speaking of money, the price of the PS2 went down to $99 but stayed the same in the UK, who did have some good news with GameOn! London being revealed as a future hotspot for British gaming geeks like you and me.

Final Fantasy will use nearly 100% of the PS3′s power and 200% of the 360′s, a Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers, The Crime Solvers, Crazy Cats teaser site was launched and Saints Row 2 got some DLC announced.

Fans of horror, deadly contraptions and Konami may be happy about the news that a Saw video game is on the way. Or they may not, just like Jack Thompson who will be appearing at the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention for a debate with Joystiq legal columnist Mark Methenitis… this one could get ugly. Oh, oh, speaking of ugly, the Wii’s graphical power is too wiik to handle Resi 5 and SFIV, as is any system but the PS3 when it comes to MAG.

And finally… some comedy in the form of a thrilling Stalin vs. Martians trailer (complete with what could be Song of the Year) and a perhaps even more thrilling Plants vs Zombies trailer (actually, this has the Song of the Year).

Thank you everybody! Stick with us here at Gamer Limit and discuss everything about games over in our forums.

  1. I love that Kojima was laid back enough to run around like a moron with the Mega 64 guys.

  2. The Plants vs Zombies song has me hooked, it won’t let me go….

  3. Love this feature, keep it up :D

  4. I’m with Chris – great job, Daniel.

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