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Hello and welcome to The Week In News, your convenient little bundle of… well, news highlights from the past week in this wickedly wonderful world of video games. Sunday is supposed to be a lazy day, so let us do the work for you, particularly if you’ve spent the past week hibernating or worrying about more important things in life. Please let us know what the heck they could be!

I’d like to start this weeks edition with a few stories about real people – those that have touched gaming in their own personal ways. Stephen Fry let the cat out of the bag regarding his role in LittleBigPlanet PSP via his Twitter page (bless him!). Meanwhile, Floyd Mayweather beat the living daylights out of a poor fifteen year-old… in an online game of Fight Night. So, as Mayweather did what he does best and Fry was the bumbling cutey we have all come to know and love, it would only be right to mention somebody else showing us their strongest side. Enter Jack Thompson who, having had his first petition turned down, claimed that he would one day return to keep his watchful eye over our evil, deprivated and downright disgusting hobby. Yay!

Elsewhere, there was proof that not everybody from Great Britain can be as great as Stephen Fry, as it was reported that a sting operation found that most UK games retailers are happy to sell 18-rated games to minors. Tut tut. And, while I’m on the subject of the UK, Heavy Rain will also be making an appearance at E3. That said, take a look out of my window and the sun is currently shining brightly across North London, just as it is for the PSP’s future, which had yet another HOT title added to its roster this week, in the shape of Dante’s Inferno – and you don’t get much hotter than that. Rounding off this weather-related segment, a trailer for off-road sandbox racer FUEL demonstrated a GPS system that helps you avoid tornadoes.

Is it just me, or did the world go batshit crazy for Madden 10 this week? Not only was a trailer released, they also revealed the cover stars on TV and in Times Square! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but I want FIFA 10 to be announced by Gordon Brown – okay, EA!? Well, having already used Jack Thompson, I can’t form a segway involving him and the term “batshit crazy” anymore… but I will say that Fable II‘s new DLC pack encouraging you to watch people have sex sounds like the workings of a madman.

After taking over Eidos, Square Enix went about announcing how many games “they” had now sold. Meanwhile, continuing their trend of taking over my subconscious world this week, EA announced its own sports complex within the virtual world of PlayStation Home.

PS3 owners will also be delighted with the news that they will be able to exclusively play as The Joker in Batman: Arkham Asylum. And, from one joker to a couple more, some clever bugger at Gamestop decided to start offering preorders for the unannounced Guitar Hero: Van Halen and the judge at the Pirate Bay trial was supposedly heavily connected to the world of copyright and those swashbuckling Swedes want a retrial.

Somebody else who wouldn’t mind a second opinion is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed developer Haden Blackman, who claimed the negative reviews for the game really hit his team hard. Quite a sad tale that one… hmmm, how can I raise spirits? ZOMBIES! THAT’S HOW! The protagonist for Dead Rising 2 was named and Left 4 Dead got some good ol’ fashioned DLC launched. Ahhh, that’s better. But there is no plan for for Muramasa: The Demon Blade outside of Japan. Noooo!

And finally… there is reason to still play PlayStation 2 afterall, as this SMT: Devil Summoner 2 bundle proves, but if that cute ‘n’ cuddly toy doesn’t do it for you have some cheeky anime girls; a trailer for Dream C Club that has lots of wobbly boobs, another for DeathSmiles, which just looks like an amazing schmup (with anime goth chicks) and one more for Magna Carta 2, which looks like a crazy RPG to me.


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