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Hello and welcome once more to Gamer Limit’s Sunday selection of the week’s news highlights. If you’re endulging a little too much in the Easter festivities, fear not! We realise that the amount of chocolate you’ve consumed may hamper your ability to navigate that mouse around as you’d wish. That’s why we’re doing all the work for you, so you don’t miss a single tidbit, trailer, easter egg or rumor.

Kicking us off this week, we have some news from a bunch of 2s! Judging by this gameplay footage, Bioshock 2‘s Big Daddy is awful at Kiss Chase. Meanwhile, a Killzone 2 map pack was previewed and Assassin’s Creed 2 got a teaser site and boxart, which does nothing but confuse with the complicated stealth blade configuration our hero appears to have going on there.

Nintendo Wii continues to increase its reputation as the bloodiest and goriest console on the market, with this deeelightfully pretty Dead Space clip; it’s on-rails but off-the-wall, folks. Speaking of blood and gore, Wii Sports Resort is set to become everyone’s new favourite family argument starter this summer. But if these titles don’t quite do it for you, Reggie Fils-Aime quoted Nintendo’s magic “M” and “Z” words in the same paragraph, if only to appease his already blood-spattered hardcore worshippers.

Now for a few stories that may or may not all feature the word “stupid”. A Shadow Of The Colossus movie was rumored/announced/threatened this week and that bloke who wrote Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li is said to be… *gulp* writing it. EA veteran Will Wright left the Empire to concentrate on something stupid and Rare “slipped up” and “inadvertantly revealed” Perfect Dark for the XBLA… Anyone else smell a publicity stunt? If not, then a good viral should get your sense tingling. Personally, I love this Plants Vs Zombies video, but it sure has divided opinion. What do you think?

From stupid to super, Batman: Arkhum Asylum and X-Men Origins: Wolverine are two games promising to blow superhero licensed games out of the water and into next week. While Eidos reckon their title will be the biggest thing since sliced bread, Raven Software are worried that movie-goers will be disappointed when they realise that the Wolverine movie is child’s play compared to their game. Incidentally, Sony claimed the DSi was “for kids” before going on to suggest that Hannah Montana wasn’t.

Elsewhere, notable sci-fi author Greg Bear will pen the Halo books and Konami kickstarted one hell of a shitstorm by announcing Six Days In Fallujah, a game based around the on-going conflict in Iraq. We haven’t heard the last of that one, that’s for sure – much like the “games make you kill people” debate, which took a turn for the better when a British writer suggested the press were a bunch of sensationalists who could do better.

And finally… Is it just me or are downloadable titles quickly becoming the most exiting of the bunch? Forget the financial crisis with some BIG experiences for small change… Explodemon looks amazing! Garou: Mark Of The Wolves promises to be classic! Worms is… Worms! And Invincible Tiger is shaping up to be quite something!

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  1. My favorite instance of this was EA shipping out brass knuckles (which are illegal) with their Godfather 2 PR kits. Brilliant.

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