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Welcome to the Gamer Limit Money Shot, where the fine folks here at Gamer Limit bring you the best gaming deals of the week. Stop by here every Sunday for the chance to get the most for your gaming dollar each and every week.

Amazon and Newegg have Guitar Hero Metallica for $48, includes free shipping!

You’re in the Movies! has received a universal price drop to $20, a great deal if you’re looking for a vision camera for your Xbox 360.

The Xbox Live deal of the week is Penny Arcade: Episode One for 800 MSP, 50 percent off of the normal price.

The Steam deal of the week is 75 percent off Tomb Raider Anniversary, bringing it down to $5. is beginning their Game Day’s sale, which includes a slew of games at discounted prices.  Cheap Ass Gamer has a full list of the games on sale.

And that puts a cap on the deals for this week. Come back next week for more money saving tips from me; a fine penny pinchin’ folk.

  1. I bought Guitar Hero:Aerosmith at Gamestop for $9.99 last night. Got a free guitar too.

  2. Gah, only picked that up like a month or two back, and it cost me like triple that for same deal.

  3. I cannot believe Guitar Hero: Metallica already has deals after a week. I feel like a sap. At least I got the free kick pedal…

  4. avatar Michael

    Any one buy from me make it be chueck or order money

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