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Those eager to live out their dream of joining The Beatles - without the bar room brawls in Berlin or the pleasure/pain of being chased by thousands of screaming girls – will be delighted at the information released regarding The Beatles: Rock Band bundle.

According to an email sent out from Gamestop, the “Limited Edition Premium Bundle” will include the game, a very 1960s-style Höfner Bass controller, Ringo’s trade mark Ludwig drums with classic pearl finish, a metal kick pedal and a vintage replica drumhead – recreated in Rock Band peripheral form and not the real thing, of course – plus a microphone with a stand.

The Beatles: Rock Band is expected to release on September 9, for the PS3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii, priced at US$250.

One thing is for sure: Harmonix are really making an effort to make this the most complete and accurate band-specific game of its kind. What do you think? Is this title getting better or are the instruments just a worthless gimmick?

  1. I’m not entirely convinced about this one yet.

  2. If only there were a way to sing back up Harmony! Most of the Beatles songs make tremendous use of backing vocals, It’s a shame it isn’t implemented into this game.

  3. avatar rock band bad beatles good

    roc band SUCKS THEY NEVER MAKE GAMES for the PS3. and the xbox 360 sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @Tim Turi

    I (kinda) agree. Obviously I’m excited about this game. (notice the pic) but Im not sure how useful just 1 instrument will be in each song. I’m sure a few songs will require you to play without the guitar (such as ‘Let It Be’, if included in the tracklist).

    I’m hoping not only do they make it work, but at least do it right.

  5. avatar MeshMaker234

    Read the rockband forums for real information regarding the game

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