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Avatar ImageTekken 6, new trailer
By: | April 21st, 2009
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The Tekken fighting franchise can be considered one of the best, it’s up there with the likes of Street Fighter and Guilty Gear, although it’s always been in 3D. Tekken 6, a game already out in the arcades, is set to be unleashed on home consoles later this year. Recently a new trailer has emerged, and it’s here to ask you one question; What do you fight for?

Source: GameTrailers

  1. Where did you do with Jin Kazama? Lol.

  2. The one thing I appreciated about Tekken was the work put into the characters opening and ending cinematics. They didn’t always make sense, but they are always stylish and this one looks to improve upon that.

  3. Hell, I just want to fight a kangaroo. Wait… is that this one or Virtua Fither?

  4. Havent played a fighter with a 3-D angle in a long time….I personally like 2D better.

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