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People may have to find another way to defend themselves in their second lives.  TASER International, Inc., developers of the electric stun guns, are bringing a trademark infringement lawsuit against Linden Lab, developers of the virtual world, Second Life, under the US District Court of Arizona.  Jump to find out why.

TASER contends that its product being sold virtually may associate the name with less than respectable activities and wants $75,000 in damages.  In all fairness, their issues are in the identification of their brand with the shadier, Grand Theft Auto side of Second Life where virtual sex and drugs are a natural part of the experience.

It’s interesting that virtual property and consumerism has started to bleed into reality.  One can’t help but wonder when the Second Life avatars will have to stop blowing their nose on “Kleenex” and start using tissue paper.


  1. I’ve been tasered before (police stuff, not pervert stuff). Let me tell you something, it’s incredibly effective against living things!

    Expect to see an influx in 2nd Life avatars wearing very loose clothing and puffy jackets.

  2. avatar Cathy

    considering the way some people dress in Second life..haha that might be a good thing

  3. Is Second Life really as shady as it sounds? I always thought it was a more advanced version of Habbo Hotel.

  4. With Second Life, the “shadiness” is integrated as an aspect of reality, not as a goal unto itself. People don’t join Second Life to do naughty things, but naught things are available.

  5. @Ivone

    Shouldn’t that be “naughty” things? Just looking for clarification.

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