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The right section of the screenshot above is the original flash version of Meat Boy, and the section to the left is comprised of the newly done WiiWare graphics (click the picture for a closer look).

If you haven’t played the flash game Meat Boy yet, do yourself a favor and go do it now. Like Alien Hominid, Meat Boy got it’s start as a humble flash game, and evolved into so much more. Meat Boy is known for it’s loose controls, somewhat adult oriented gameplay, and high difficulty level.


Super Meat Boy was at first rumored to just be a remake of the original, but now reports are rolling in that it’s going to be much more than that. Are you happy with how Super Meat Boy is shaping up? After playing the flash game, weigh in on if you think Super Meat Boy will be worth spending your precious Nintendo Points on.

Source: Super Meat Boy Blog

  1. Gotta love a protagonist that’s an amorphous blob of meat. How do you think Aqua Teen became so successful?

  2. This looks pretty awesome. Going to have to go give the original a try first though.

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