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Video Gamers as a whole need some sort of prize when they finish a game. After slugging 50+ hours into an RPG, or spending days sweating through an FPS, you may feel that a great ending to a game is mandatory, that you deserve something great for all your hard work. Well the truth is most of the time we don’t get one. Truth be told a lot of gamers probably don’t even make it to the end of the game.

When you go to pick up a newly released game, and you see all those kids holding it, the game glowing in its cellophane, do you ever think; “How many of these kids will actually finish the game?”. Fact is a lot of people tire, or get a new game before completing their current one, luckily some gamers go back to them after the initial sidetracking because of a new game. But some don’t, developers know this so sometimes they might put slightly more effort into the beginning of the games story, and less in the end. After all, it’s the story at the start that draws you into the game.

In my own opinion, the ending is the most important part to any story. It leaves the person satisfied. The beginning is to draw you into the story, the middle is for developing the story/characters and the ending wraps it all up with a bow. The ending cutscene of a game may be the most important one in the scene, where the player need not worry about quick time events or sudden battles. They sit back, relax and just watch.

This begs the question, do gamers care about the stories nowadays? Look at games like most shooters, alot of the stories have been recycled from previous games. It’s all beginning to look a bit samey to me. But then again, for a shooting game do you really need a good story? Wouldn’t you rather just run in and kill anything that moves? Pushing me further on, it seems that the only videogame genre that depends heavily on the story would be RPG’s. But this is side tracking me.

If a game has an absolutely spectacular ending it’s a shame that alot of gamers won’t be there to see it. But you can’t tell if it’s going to be good or not, games like Assassins Creed, where you might have to push yourself to complete the game just to see the ending can either make it all worthwhile, or leave you feeling crushed and disappointed.

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  1. I agree entirely. I play to see the end credits role. That’s why instead of seeing me in multiplayer after I finish Killzone 2′s campaign, you’ll likely see me starting up a fresh campaign in another game. I love completing games, and I love a good climax to the story along with it. I’ve only ever abandoned a handful of games, and those are usually the ones that lack any real story.

    I agree, however. It is pitiful that people have played, yet not beaten, games like Portal, Metal Gear Solid, or Okami.

  2. I’m pretty guilty of not completing alot of games. As I rent 90% of the games I play, I play a game until I’m bored by it and then send it back and get a new one.
    I will agree that endings are important, and there have been games I was quite invested in, but was so bored by the way the game was designed I youtubed the ending to see how things turned out. Obviously this isn’t the ideal way to do it, but if a game isn’t fun I’m not going to sit around and waste my time for the possibility of something better coming around the corner.

  3. avatar Daniel Garcia

    I try and complete as many of the games I buy as possible, but I do tend to get sidetracked by new games. If it was a game that I truly enjoyed playing then I do eventually get back to playing and beating it, although that usually involves a complete restart since I usually play long RPGs and I no longer have any clue where I was in the story so I don’t know where I am supposed to go anymore.

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