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The Gamer Limit Sunday Soapbox is a Sunday-only set of Gamer Limit articles straight from the minds of your favorite writers and editors. Think of the soapbox as a blog post or diary entry that we want you to see. Content will will be limitless, ranging from feelings about what we’ve been playing, to reactions to a piece of news.

Keep in mind that these aren’t your standard news, features and previews that you’re used to, and significantly more grounded in opinions and personal feelings. As such, you’ll be getting a much deeper look into the minds of the staff here at GL.

We encourage you to comment and respond to our Soapbox entries, however we will moderate the comments as we normally do. Enjoy!

List of Sunday Soapboxes for the week starting on 4/5/09:

Summer Reading Lists… For Video Games? by: Rick Yutig

Hostility Behind The Hype by: Paul Clark

Region Coding by: Jimmy P

Casual Gaming done right by: Chris Carter

Downloadable Content by: Owen

Childhood Moments by: Chase

Note: The Sunday Soapbox is an account of the writer’s personal opinions and not representative of Gamer Limit’s opinions as a whole.

  1. An awesome slew of articles, crew. I’m impressed.

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