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26cowsanduglybullinrentedpasture_jpgPeter Dille of SCEA has been front and center on the blogosphere with an incredibly unfounded statement about the Playstation 3 in comparison to the other consoles out there. All the while it probably leaves everyone scratching their heads in befuddlement.

Dille says, “Yeah, I don’t want to steal [CEO] Jack [Trenton]‘s quote, but he’s fond of saying: ‘Microsoft owns the office; Sony owns the living room; and Wii owns the closet.’ And that’s an aggressive, probably quotable line, But the point he’s trying to make is something that we find backed up in a lot of our research and focus groups: that people who are playing the Wii bring it out when friends come over and then put it back away — that the console that stays connected to the TV is a different system.”

Is he basically saying that the Playstation 3 is the best console because Sony says so? While the Playstation 3 is a great console, unfounded statements like this do not really help anyone. If anything, it’s going to just tick folks t Nintendo and Microsoft off. If he thinks the Wii doesn’t get played, he ought to go to the over forty million homes who have one and check it out.

I’m not just picking on Mr. Dille, but he is the most recent example. While all of the consoles are seeing sales slug a little bit due to the economy, gaming is still becoming the number one past time, due to the fact that it is a worthy investment. Why must they all rag on one another? Will it really help increase sales?

Comments like this need to not happen. Who is this helping? My mother always taught me that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all! Couldn’t have he spoke about the merits of the Playstation 3, and kept the console wars out of it?

The only accuracy of this statement is that my Xbox 360 is in my office, but then I also have an Xbox 360 in the living room…and a Wii right next too it. I play Animal Crossing every single day.

Alright, I’m getting off the Soapbox. Cut the crap though, okay guys?

  1. avatar Poe

    My Wii could very well sit in my closet. I think it’s a well founded statement for many who feel that other than a few shining gems, the wii is a let down when it comes to the amount of great singleplayer, or online multiplayer games for the average gamer.

    My parents and parents-in-law make great use of the Wii and I’m glad it has a market that adores it, but aside from intriguing wii-ware titles, I’ve pretty much given up on the system. It’s the first system that Nintendo has made that doesn’t give a lot of attention to the average gamer. It just seems that if I take my money and invest it in an XBox 360 (or a PS3 if I had gone that route instead) that my investment is generally returned more readily in entertainment value.

    I can’t pass up HD, solid title lists, services, controls that are generally less clunky, and my interests in view. I had high hopes for the Wii and I still hope it eventually comes back home so to speak, but I have to agree with the generalized statement when applied to many. It seems that many of my friends with similar tastes have gone through the same process, bought a Wii, plowed through it’s blockbuster titles, waited awhile for something new, got bored, sold it or let it collect dust so that they could invest money or time into a new console.

    It seems that the “closet” statement could be more offensive to someone who has multiple consoles and can appreciate the facets of a Wii, while realistically, people who only have time or the finances for one console can likely agree that the Wii is often frustrating. I enjoy Viva Pinata on the XBOX, but if it was the only game I could devote time and replay value too and with no silver lining in sight, I’d shelve the system.

  2. I have all 3 hooked up right now, what is he talking about? More console competition and people stroking their egos. It gets old after awhile.

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